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14 things you didn’t know about a bullet proof vest

A bullet proof vest is not “just” a bullet proof vest. That is why we have made a small article with "14 things you didn’t know" about a bullet proof vest. 

1. A bullet proof vest is in principle not bullet proof

 A bullet proof vest is not bullet "proof", but bullet resistant. A bullet proof vest will not with 100% certainty stop all kind of bullets, fired against a vest. Also there will be a blunt force trauma from the bullet, and a back face signature that ...

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Are your vest even stab proof?

When is your vest stab proof? 

This can be very difficult to determine because the bullet proof and stab proof standards are written in technical terms, which can be difficult understand.

At Protection Group Danmark we use the American standard from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which is a procedure to ensure that your bullet- or stab proof vest has gone through the correct tests to be approved. 

NIJ and HOSDB (British Standard) is the most wid ...

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Ballistic materials used to make a bullet proof vest

A bullet proof vest is not "just” a bullet proof vest. Ballistic body armor is made in different parts of the world and there are a variety of ballistic materials that can be used to build the ballistic property in a bullet proof vest.
In this guide we deal with the difference between an Aramid and UHMWPE, where we will review the most well-known and used ballistic materials today.

Depending on the materials used in a bullet proof vest, this will affect the fl ...

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