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Home Office Body Armor Standard 2017 (knife and spike)

Body Armor Standard 2017 for stab proof vests is a bit different from the previous HOSDB 2007 standard. From Home Office, one has chosen to have only 2 stab proof levels, which is determined on the basis of a survey made by Horsfall in 2000. 

The survey showed that 90% of all stabs with a force of maximum 33 joules would be stopped in stab proof vest, where you as a human wouldn’t be able to stab much harder than this, which is why KR3 and SP3 have been eliminated.

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HOSDB 2007 (bullet proof vests)

The British HOSDB 2007 standard has been used since 2007 and will still be one of the standards that will be used in England for many years to come. This bullet proof standard focuses on English threats and the bullet types that the British police can be exposed to. 

Please note that in July 2017, HOSDB Standard 2007 has been revised and replaced by HOSDB Standard 2017, which you can read more about by Read more

HOSDB 2007 (knife and spike resistance)

HOSDB 2007 knife and spike resistance focuses on knives and spikes. HOSDB 2007 was published in 2007, and since then one of the most normally used standards for stab and spike proof vests, which is also reflected in many other European stab/spike standards and the US NIJ standard 0115.00, as they are very similar to each other regarding the test method and the test blades that are used. 

HOSDB 2007 against Knives and spikes was revised in 2017 and replaced by the new Read more

HOSDB and NIJ: The 2 most used ballistic standards for body armor

A bullet proof vest is designed to protect against various threats such as ballistic, edged or spike protection or a combination of these 3 threats. 

Bullet proof vests are not only used by police and military, but also by civil to protect themselves from the rising threat of terror, gun attacks and the like, where civilians can be exposed by being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. 

What level of protection do you need?&nb ...

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How to choose the right bullet proof vest

When you wear a bullet or stab proof vest it is extremely important that it fits comfortably and close to the body without bothering you in any way. We all have different bodies, and therefore it may be difficult to know what size vest you have to choose. 

Before you start looking into whether the bullet proof vest will fit you or not, you need to decide if you need a bullet proof vest, stab proof vest, or a multivest that is both. You can do this by looking at the level of threat you thi ...

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