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Hard armor

Bullet proof hard armor plates in NIJ III and IV

Hard armor or bullet proof plates are used against the more powerful weapons such as rifles and penetrating shots. They are available in two different protection levels; NIJ level 3 and NIJ level 4.   

Bullet proof plates are made in many different materials, and some of the most common materials are UHMWPE, Dyneema, ceramics and different kinds of steel plates. These materials have each their advantages and disadvantages, but for all hard armor plates it is needed that they have to comply with NIJ standard 0101.04 or 0101.06 where the difference lies in the number of shots the hard armor plates are tested with. Hard armor bullet proof plates from Protection Group Danmark are made with different materials depending on what the hard armor plates need to stop. This include; PE (polyethylene) and Ceramic (Al203) for hard armor plates in NIJ Level III and NIJ level IV.   

One should be aware that ballistic plates come in many different variations, including ICW (In conjunction with), which means that the bullet proof plate only works with soft armor behind, and bullet proof plates called SA (Stand-alone), are bullet proof ballistic plates that requires no soft armor behind.  

All our hard armor plates are tested to NIJ standard 0101.04 and 0101.06, where we have test reports from TNO in the Netherlands and HP White Laboratory Inc. in USA.    

These are some of the ballistic SAPI plates we keep in stock:
Size 25x20 cm (10x8 inches) ballistic plates which are made to fit in our NIJ level 3a bullet proof vest, which you can read more about here

  • Our NIJ level 3 (III) hard armor plate (25x20) is made of polyethylene, which gives you a bullet proof hard armor plate with a weight of only 0.88 kg each. 
  • Our NIJ level 4 (IV) hard armor plate (25x20) is made of ceramic and polyethylene, which is necessary to be able to stop bullets from a .30 AP (M2 AP). This increase the weight of the hard armor plate to only 1.80 kg each.    

Size 30x25cm (12x10 inches) - Single curved

  • Our NIJ level 3 (III) ballistic plate in size 30x25 cm: This ballistic plate is made in Ceramic and Polyethylen, which gives you a bulletproof plate with a weight of 2.55 kilo. This plate can stand alone and requires no soft armor behind. The ballistic plate is testet according to NIJ standard 0101.06 against 6 shots from a 7.62x51 cardridge.
  • Our NIJ level 4 (IV) ballistic plate in size 30x25 cm: This bullet proof plate isalso made in Ceramic and Polyethylen which gives you a plate with a weight of 3.15 kilo. This ballistic plate is made to stand alone and is tested according to NIJ standard 0101.06 level 4 with a single shot from a 7.62x63 AP cartridge.

Both SAPI hard armor plates is tested In Conjunction with our Bullet proof vest in level 3a.

Below are the requirements for the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) - Standard 0101.06 

NIJ level III (Level 3)
A level 3 hard armor plate should be tested during specific conditions, tested with a 7.62 mm FMJ, steel jacketed bullet. (US M80), with a mass of 9.6g (147 gr) and at a speed of 847 m/s +- 9.1 m/s (2780 ft/s +- 30 ft/s).It should clearly say on the bullet proof plate whether it is SA or ICW, which concerns both NIJ III and IV. 

NIJ level IV (Level 4) 
Level 4 hard armor plates should be tested during conditioned circumstances, and tested with a .30 caliber armor-piercing bullet (AP). (US M2 AP), with a mass of 10.8 g (166 gr) and a speed of 878 m/s +- 9.1 m/s (2880 ft/s +- 30 ft/s) 

If you're looking for a ballistic plate in a different size, level, ICW/SA or curve (multi, single curve) this can be arranged on request. Send an email to Jonas@protectiongroup.dk or contact us at +45 61274857.