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Sizing guide for bullet- and stab proof vests

What size should you bullet or stab proof vest be?

A bullet proof vest works by covering an area. It should cover the sides and in the length to your navel, since the most important body organs are from the navel and up; This is solved by our unique Pyramid Panel, which is designed to maximize your protection while this panel gives you an unparalleled movement, where the ergonomic aspect is brought into focus.

If you are unsecure about your size, feel free to contact us at Jonas@protectiongroup.dk or by phone: +45 61274857

Size guide for concealable bullet- and stab proof vests: 

Size Waist measurement (at the navel)


 66-74 cm


 75-84 cm

85-94 cm


 95-104 cm


 105-114 cm


 115-125 cm