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Stab proof vests

We have 2 stab proof vests that cover all your needs

Stab proof vests from Protection Group Danmark

The chance of being exposed to stabbing or a sharp object is, in general, larger than you think. As a guard or doorman you are more susceptible than all others because you typically need to stop conflicts as the authority in the place. Therefore it is important that one is properly protected, which can be done with a stab proof vest that provides more security if a conflict or other should arise.

Our first stab proof vest (NIJ 1 - Soft stab) is made of stab proof fibers and a flexible steel core. This makes the vest flexible and therefore it will adapt regardless to the body type. This stab proof vest is designed to stop knives, needles, bottles and awls. Furthermore, it will also protect against punches and battons, which can be seen in this video. This stab proof vest is, in our view, the best you can get, as it is certified and approved in accordance with NIJ 1 (24/36 joules)!

  • Protects against knives, bottles and other sharp objects.
  •  Size S-XXXL
  •  Minimal blunt force trauma from punches and batons
  •  Flexible and breathable mesh towards the body
  •  Fits incredibly close to the body.
  •  NIJ 1 (24/36 joules)

  • Our second stab proof vest (Economic stab) is identical with the above vest. Just with less materials in it. This stab proof vest is made out of only flexible polycarbonate and is about 8 mm thin. This stab proof vest will provide protection in front, back and side while fitting close to the body. This makes the vest more or less concealed underneath a sweater without anyone being able to see that you’re wearing it. This stab proof vest is very similar to our Soft stab; the difference is in the price and level of protection, in which this stab proof vest would be able to stop knife stabs of 10 joule.

  • Protects against knives, bottles, needles and punches.
  • The blunt force trauma  is minimal from punches, kicks and batons.
  • Flexible and breathable mesh towards the body
  • Life expectancy of 10+ years.
  • 3 mm. thin
  • Fits incredibly close to the body.
  • 10 joules of protection against knives.

  • Both stab proof vests are resistant to hits, kicks and batons. This is entirely unique for a stab proof vest!

    What does it mean, that the stab proof vest is certified?

    This means for you that you get a stab proof vest, which has been in a professional laboratory and tested by professional equipment for stab resistant vests. This is done in such a way that a machine will drop a knife blade against the vest with a certain amount of pressure. The first pressure will be of 24 joules, and then at a maximum of 36 joules, this will be done several times for both pressures. To give a better idea of what joules is, it can be compared with throwing 1.9 kg from 1 meter and 93 centimeters height. This is the pressure which the knife will drop against the stab proof vest. This is our assurance that we can provide a stab proof vest that we know with certainty has been tested properly. We have had a test done by an external laboratory as well as our own individual tests done by us ourselves.

  • At a pressure of 24 joules, the knife should not penetrate more than 7 mm.
  • At a pressure of 36 joules, the knife should not penetrate more than 20 mm.
  • The vest will also stop screwdrivers, needles, knives, ice picks etc.

    What size should your stab proof vest be?

    For both our stab proof vests, it is recommended that you take one size smaller than what you normally use in a T-shirt. If you normally wear a size x-large in a t-shirt, you choose a size large in a stab proof vest. You can easily fit in a size x-large, but you must be careful not to choose a size too large, as it typically will get more in the way than it will do you good.

    Read more about the size of our stab proof vests here

    Which stab proof vest should you choose?

    Both stab proof vests are two really good vests. Economic stab is an economic stab proof vest, which contains fewer materials than NIJ 1 - Soft stab, which is a stabproof vest that is compliant with NIJ 1 and better. This means, the difference lies in how strong of a knife pressure the stab proof vests will be able to resist.

    NIJ standard 0115.00 is the standard for stab proof vests, which means that the vest has been tested through strict testing methods in a professional laboratory. This ensures that our vests can stop the threats imposed by the NIJ.

    ISO 14001:2004 is a standard for environmentally friendly production and for constantly being preventive against environmental changes.

    ISO 9001: 2008 ensures that the stab proof vests you buy from Protectiongroup.dk are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards. This ensures that the products will be uniform, and you get the best possible quality!